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•July 5, 2008 • Leave a Comment

so im not supposed to be on the compouter right now but moms had 2 go 2 the store 2 get some milk and fill taylors perscripshion, so im sneaking on lol

im not supposed 2 use the intrnet for anything but homework and things like writing lettars 2 mike at the mtc )my handwritings attrocios and he says he cant read it. i also need to use spell check becaus i never practiec my spelling but i type too fast anyway ). whenever im on dad is always looking over y shoulder asking if im talking 2 boys which is stupid b/c the only boys i know are at church and and the ones that live next door and theyre all gay anyway. dad saw this thing on tv in novembar about myspace and facebook and how people use them to have sex and there are pedofiles on them so he blocked them from on our computar. he always tells me that hell ground me if he catches me on them. like id have a blog there thoguh. my space is just a bunch of emo people and ads that freeze our dial up and facebook doesnt let u use fake names. i don’t think dad knows about wordpres so i put my blog here . he thinks he knows computars but i just delete the history lol

ummm… i dont relly know what 2 write about. my lifes pretty boring, im homeschooled and i live in west jordan, UTah which is really gay . i dont like english and writing but i really like science., especially geology . my favorite gemstone is hematite and my favorite fossils are ammonites. that’s why i made this name for my blog lol

oops moms home gtg